How to Teach Basic Pilates Reformer

Join our online course so that you can learn the fundamentals of training on the Pilates Reformer. Learn the basic components of Pilates Reformer including basic anatomy, biomechanics of movement and Pilates methods for developing strength and control of movement.

More than 30 Videos to help you learn how to be the best instructor.

Participants will learn:

  • Foundational Pilates movement and philosophy
  • Exercises to create a total body training regimen
  • How to create a 45-minute group Reformer class

Manual included.

What former students say:

"This course was intimate which allowed us to ask in-depth questions. It was so helpful to go through exercises in small groups and get immediate feedback."

"I couldn't have enjoyed this workshop more. Andrea provided solid fundamentals on every aspect of the format; anatomy, form, sequencing, and teaching styles. Loved it!"

"So thorough in taking you thru all components to putting together a Pilates class."

Andrea Metcalf is the co-founder of Heat 3.0 and a celebrity fitness expert, best-selling author, and has been teaching Pilates Methods for more than 30 years. She was a regular expert on the NBC Today Show and She is a widely sought-after health coach, national speaker, and women's entrepreneurial mentor. She currently teaches a variety of fitness formats including Pilates Reformer at her Heat 3.0 Pilates Reformer studio located in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

32 Lessons

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About the Creator

Meet the Author.

What you will learn in Pilates Fundamentals

Functional Fitness- The Start of Pilates

Understanding how Pilates methods came to be.

History of Pilates Methods

Understanding how Pilates methods came to be.

Pilates Anatomy - Bones and Muscles

Pilates Anatomy - Planes of Motion

Pilates Anatomy - Joints & Movement

Pilates Core Principles

Pilates Foundational Movements

Understand the foundational movements of Pilates methods

Pelvic Stability

Understand the role of the pelvic floor with breathing techniques

Spine Movement

Understand the sequencing and components of the spine.

Ab Power House

Understand how the core muscles are important for every movement.

ROM Arms and Legs

What is range of motion?

Torso Stability

Understand how the core muscles are important for every movement.

The Core of Pilates

Pilates Breathing

Why Pilates Works - Focus on the Negative


Anatomy of the Reformer

Pilates Reformer Props

Pilates Workouts - Creating Movement

Understanding the components of a Pilates Workout

Pilates Anatomy - Movement Terms

Elements of Exercise Programming

Pilates Exercises and Progressions

10 Fundamental Reformer Exercises

Movement Analysis

Pilates Class Teaching

Cient Assessment & Screening

Client Movement Assesments

Special Populations

Screening Assessment


Certification Fulfillment

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