Learning to Build with Modular Construction

The next generation of building is here. Modular construction is changing the way to build homes, hotels, restaurants and multifamily projects. This course explains the entire build process, which is here to save time, money, and utilize a modular construction process. 

Are you interested building your project? This program impacts the build process and assist you to understand how it all works, the team, factory checklist and solutions needed to complete the project.  


-Build Process

-Factory Checklist

-Contractors Needed; General Contractor, Set & Stitch Crew, Crane, Transportation

-Creating Selections with Factory

-Warranty, what is covered 

-Insurance and More

24 Lessons

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Are you ready to learn a new form of construction?

8 Simple Steps to Building with Modular Construction

Our reason for creating a process to build with modular construction

Starting with a Positive Mindset

Creating a plan for success, starts with a positive mindset.

What is modular construction? Why consider it?

Week 1 - Mindset

Mindset Practice & Affirmation

How can I build the best construction team? What are the roles?

What are the roles of a construction team?

Week 2 - Mindset

Mindset Practice & Affirmation

BONUS - Subcontractor Agreement

BONUS - Client Partnership Agreement

Who is my ideal client? Will this project work?

Week 3 - Mindset

Mindset Practice & Affirmation

How to select and communicate with a Modular manufacturer?

How to communication with a modular manufacturer

Week 4 - Mindset

Mindset Practice & Affirmation

BONUS - Factory Check List

Creating a process, permits, stamped plans, and build schedule considerations.

Week 5 - Mindset

Mindset Practice & Affirmation

Identify a plan for selections and design, reduce the amount of change orders.

Week 6 - Mindset

Mindset Practice & Affirmation

Additional building materials needed for the project site work. What is the manufacturer warranty and reporting process?

Pulling together the final team; transportation, crane, set and stitch. Are there additional inspections I need to consider?

Week 7 - Mindset

Mindset Practice & Affirmation

BONUS - Set & Stitch Considerations

BONUS - Example of Colorado Set Installation Requirements:

Final Review, Warranty and Punch List

Final week of process - congrats you did it!

Week 8 - Mindset

Mindset Practice & Affirmation